Saturday, July 10, 2010

Geocities? Reocities!

Back when the internet was new, one of the places genealogists started putting their family trees was Geocities.  During these last 15 years, a whole lot of genealogy info was stored on Geocities.   Family trees, Civil War regiments, burial locations, obits, you name it. When Yahoo closed Geocities last year, a lot of info was lost forever for internet genealogy researchers.  While many active webmasters moved their sites, all too many did not.

The Internet Archive  has archived Geocities webpages from various dates, but I've found the Internet Archive didn't always save all the interior pages of a site.

However I have just discovered Reocities.  Reocities has archived much of Geocities and has an amazingly large amount of the interior pages archived also.

To find a Geocities website you have bookmarked, just change the "G" in Geocities to an "R".  The rest of the URL remains the same.

Change to

Change to

Change to

To search the reocities archives, do a site search in Google.

Examples: civil war burials pennsylvania schuylkill county mahady genealogy

There is a lot of historical treasures tucked in these reocities sites. 

Webmasters:  if you link to an old geocities site, simply change the "G" in geocities to "R" to continue linking.  You can also check the Internet Archive and see if either site has archived the interior pages.  I don't know if reocities has archived all old geocities sites, but it had the ones I checked.

Reocities is historical information only.  There is no way that a webmaster can update his old site.  While some of it may become outdated, much of it is still valuable.  There are old letters, obituaries, regimental histories, and so much more.

The Making of Reocities