Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012 About to Ship

The 20% pre-sale discount for Family Tree Maker 2012 ends Wednesday, September 28, at about 10:00 AM MST and, shortly after, Ancestry will begin shipping the pre-orders.   Yes, the much anticipated FTM 2012 with TreeSnyc will start to ship tomorrow.

If you are planning to order FTM 2012, you can still get the pre-sale price until the morning of Sept 28.  And you can receive an additional 20% discount if you use the coupon code G5JXTRY at checkout in the box marked Redeem Coupons for additional savings.  If you miss the pre-sale discount, you can still use the coupon code for a 20% discount.

There are a number of FTM 2012 versions:

  • FTM 2012 Complete
  • Family Tree Maker 2012 program plus:
    • Printed version of the The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker 2012
    • The Family History Toolkit on DVD,
    • Photo Explosion Album

The FTM 2012 for Mac pre-sale will be available sometime mid to late October and the ship date is mid to late November.

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  2. Family Tree Maker 2012 List of Improvements
  3. Differences Between the FTM 2012 Tree and Ancesty Member Tree


Jan said...

WARNING - I received FTM 2012 in the mail today. Usually I am not this excited, but the ability to Sync has me intrigued. So I immediately installed. It did it's installation of software, backup of files and then opened and started to open the file, converting it to the new file format. IT THEN CRASHED, CORRUPTING THE FILE. After a couple of hours of work, I found the backup, brought up FTM 2011, restored my file, then uninstalled FTM 2012. They will have to twist my arm to get me to try it again, and I need a refund of the money I spent for the upgrade.

Kathi said...

Please call Ancestry Customer Service at 1-800-ancestry to ask for the refund

Kathi said...

Please see


for help if FTM 2012 crashes on your computer.