Thursday, March 15, 2007

Genealogy is a Hot Topic according to Stephen Colbert

You know genealogy is a hot topic when the hottest US political satirist tells us that, well... "genealogy is a hot topic."

Stephen Colbert on his Colbert Report at the Comedy Channel did a satirical bit about When Ancestors Attack ... blinded by revelations when Ancestors come back to haunt descendants.

His progressive satire is US-centric, and sometimes is a bit silly, but if you want to hear political satire about

  • Barack Obama's white ancestors owned slaves
  • Al Sharpton's great-grandfather was owned by the Thurmond Family
  • Mitt Romney's Mormon ancestors were polygamists
go to
Caution: Video stream of satire from Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert mentioned these genealogical tidbits were discovered by, but unfortunately he called the site, unrelated to and a site that consists solely of sponsored links. But maybe his mention of genealogy will bring some additional people to our interesting hobby of genealogy.

And I guess the old adage is true - if you want to learn about your family tree, run for politcal office.

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