Monday, January 15, 2007

Erie County, Pennsylvania Biographies

Erie County Pennsylvania Biographies
Biographical Sketches and Genealogies have been extracted from the book History of Erie County Biography, published by Warner, Beers & Co.; 1884.

PA Biographical Sketches include:

John Abell; F.F. Adams; Dr. Charles Aichner; George A. Allen; William P. Atkinson; F. A. Austin; Elijah Babbitt; Francis Bailey; Isaac Baker; Peter Barker; H.R. Barnhurst; William Bates; F. Bauschard; George Baxter; John Baxter; Philip Becker; C. R. Beechling; E. Sherlock Belknap; E.C. Bennett; Rev. A. L. Benze; Ludwig Bier; John H. Bliss; Jacob Bootz; Maximilian Bosch; Jonas Bowers; Joseph Boyd; John Boyle; C. Brandes; Gustav F. Brevillier; C.M. Briggs; Conard Brown; R.B Brown; S.H. Brown; William A. Brown; G. W. Brubaker; J. M. Bryant; J. Bryce; A. P. Burton; George Burton; Lewis Bush; James Campbell; C. M. Carlson; John Carter; James Casey; Thomas Casey; A. H. Caughey; E. F. Christian; David Clark; William Clark; H. V. Claus; F. A. Clemens; John Clemens; Frank Cleveland; Washington Cleveland; John Coates; J. R. Cochran; Robert Cochran.

This is an ongoing project, so watch for more biographies to be posted at a later date

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Surname Origins and Last Name Meanings

Have you ever wondered the meaning of your name and its origin?

Your surname may tell a story of your ancestors from hundreds of years ago - where your family lived, what they did for a trade, their personality, or how they looked. You can look up your surname origin in this FREE online Surname Dictionary.

Surname Origins and Last Name Meanings.

My surname Reid is a Scottish name meaning red hair or ruddy complexion. I don't know how many Reids today have red hair or a ruddy complexion, because none in our family do. But it is fun to imagine a red-headed Scotsman of the Middle Ages as the progenitor of our family line.