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Centre County and Clinton County Pennsylvania Biographies

Centre County and Clinton County Pennsylvania Biographies

Biographical Sketches and Genealogies have been extracted from the book History of Centre & Clinton Counties, published by John Blair Linn, 1883

PA Biographical Sketches include:

Alexander, Elizabeth; Alexander, James; Alexander, James; Alexander, Josiah; Alexander, William; Alexander, William; Allison, Archibald; Allison, Matthew; Allison, William; Anspach, John; Antes, Philip; Austin, Jane; Bailey, Richard; Bailey, William; Baird, Jane; Baird, Nancy; Baker, Samuel; Barber, James; Barnhart, Henry; Barnhart, Jacob; Barnhart, Mary; Bathurst, Antes; Bathurst, James; Bayard, Dr. A. W.; Bear, George; Beaver, James Addams; Bechdol, David; Bell, John; Benner, John; Benner, John; Benner, Philip; Berry, Jacob; Bierly, Anthony; Bierly, Anthony Jr.; Bierly, John; Blair, David; Blair, Eleanor; Blakely, Elizabeth; Boal, David; Boal, Elizabeth; Boaz, John; Boggs, Andrew; Boggs, John; Boggs, Robert; Boggs, William; Bollander, Stephen; Botorf, Jacob; Brady, William Perry; Brew, Thaddeus; Brisben, William; Brisbin, John Jr.; Brisbin, John Sr.; Brungart, George; Brungart, Jacob; Brungart, Martin; Bryson, Robert; Buchanan, General George; Buchtel, John; Burchfield, William; Burnside, James; Burnside, Thomas; Caldwell, Jane; Caldwell, Thomas; Callahan, Charles; Cambridge, Constans; Cambridge, John; Campbell, Cleary; Campbell, David; Campbell, James; Canfield, Dr. Ira; Carner, William; Carson, Margaret; Cathcart, William; Chambers, Elijah; Chambers, James; Conser, John; Cook, Martha Walker; Cook, William; Cooper, Rev. Samuel; Corman, George; Crothwaite., Robert; Curtin, A. G.; Curtin, Dr. Constans; Curtin, Roland; Curtin, Roland Jr.; Dale, Christian; Dale, Henry; David, Daniel; De Hass, John Philip; Dobbins, Dr. Daniel; Dougherty, James; Downing, Thomas; Dubbs, Oswald; Dubbs, Oswald; Duncan, David; Dundas, Isabella; Dundavy, D.; Dunlap, Col. James; Dunlap, John; Eckley, Eli; Elder, A. M.; Ellenbarges, Jacob; Ertle, Valentine; Etters, John; Etters, John; Etters, Mary; Everhart, William; Everly, Christian; Ferguson, Thomas; Fetzer, Michael; Fisher, Rev. Peter; Frank, George; Furey, John; Furey, William; Gast, Christian; Gast, Christian; Gast, Nicholas; Gill, William; Glenn, John; Glenn, John; Graham, George; Gramly, Adam; Gramly, Francis G; Gramly, John; Gray, John; Gray, John L.; Gray, Peter; Gray, Peter B.; Green, Joseph; Green, Joseph Jr.; Green, S. Miles; Gregg, Andrew; Gregg, John Irwin; Hale, James T.; Henning, John

Look for more biographies from Centre and Clinton Counties as this is an ongoing genealogy project.

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