Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Picasa - Google's Free Photo Organizer

I just recommended Picasa, Google's FREE photo organizer software, to a friend, telling her how it helped me find photos and images I had "lost" on my computer, and then has since kept me organized. But until we started talking about it, I had forgotten how good Picasa really is.

Picasa sorts photos on your computer into visual albums organized by date with folder names you can recognize. Picasa makes sure you keep your photos organized even if, like me, you have put off trying to organize them because the task seems so overwhelming.

You can drag and drop to arrange your albums and make labels to create new groups. With Picasa, your pictures stay organized.

You can use Picasa instead of your usual software to move photos from your camera to your computer. And you can share photos straight from your computer to make CDs, send pictures through email, and print in color or black and white.

Click on a photo and you can crop, straighten, fix red eye, correct the contrast , or click on the I'm Feeling Lucky button which I found out "enhances dark and bright colors in a photo and adjusts both color and contrast to optimal levels in one click."

There are all sorts of visual effects which can be added to a photo including adding sepia tone, sharpen or soften the focus, or turn a color image into B & W.

If you are a blogger who posts ancestor photos or images of documents, you can crop an image, edit it, brighten it up for publishing, then click on BLOG THIS to add it to your blog where you can then add text.

Picasa is a great way to organize, write captions for your photos, edit, and backup your photo collection. Best of all, it is totally free, thanks to Google.

If you don't have Picasa, why not download it, and enjoy finding all those forgotten photos on your computer. And let Google do the organizing.


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