Thursday, March 22, 2007

Searching the 1925 Iowa State Census

Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925
Free access is available until the end of March, 2007

Check all Six Pages
Today I made a very interesting discovery about the 1925 Iowa state census. It includes the parents of all those enumerated including their age, place of birth, and the mother's maiden name. What a treasure if you don't know the parents name or the mother's maiden name. To find the parents names, click on the Next icon at the top of the page to turn the page.

Click on the Next icon once again to find military service (whether Civil War, Spanish American War, or World War I), occupation, and church affiliation.

The enumeration of each family is recorded on 6 pages so it would be easy to miss all the data if you don't click on the Next icon to see all the pages.

Using the Search Box
If you can't find someone when you search the census, you may have entered too much information.

  • You will find many of the first names are initials or abbreviations (such as Wm. for William) instead of the whole first name, so if you can't find someone using the first name, try an initial instead or leave it blank.

  • There are many places where the census taker has entered the county, but not the city. If you can't find someone at first, try entering county only without the city.

The Iowa state census has a lot of information not found in the federal census. If you have ancestors or relatives that have lived in Iowa, you will want to take advantage of this free access to the state census available until the end of March.

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