Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family Tree Maker Arrives in My Mailbox

I got my copy of Family Tree Maker 2008 on Friday. Because I had downloaded the FTM 2008 beta, I first uninstalled the beta as instructed using the control panel before I installed the copy that came in the mail. Then I did a direct import of a copy of my data file from FTM 16.

I got an error message during the import, went back and compacted my data file to correct any indexing errors in my file, then tried the import again. This time the file imported with no errors.

To compact your file in FTM 2006/16, go to Tools > Compact File. It prompts you to back up your file before you compact. Be sure not to skip this important step.

After the import of my data file, the program asked me to register my copy of the file and got this error message:

The email address xxxxx is associated with two or more accounts on Ancestry. Please call our toll free customer service hotline at 877-FTM-2008 (877-386-2008) for help to resolve this issue. Once resolved you can continue your Family Tree Maker registration by clicking the "Back" button below. Live phone support is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time, closed Saturday and Sunday. These hours do not include holidays.

It took 2 phone calls to FTM 2008 tech services for me to get all my old accounts cleaned out before I could register. I have no idea how I got so many accounts, but there was no waiting for telephone support and the techs were courteous and helpful, and I was soon registered.

While I didn't have an "Authentication with the server failed" error, I understand many people have. Tech support said that a patch will be available on Monday 8/27/2007 to fix this problem.
I also asked tech support about the genealogy reports that were missing in the beta. They told me that the reports will be coming in September as the programmers didn't meet the deadline to get them in this release.

If you have problems getting started using Family Tree Maker, try:

  • Compacting data file before importing.
  • Calling tech support to clean out duplicate accounts
  • Making sure your firewall is allowing you to access the internet FireWall help
  • Downloading patch to be released Monday
FTM 2008 is a brand new program and there are bound to be a few glitches, but I think this program has a lot of potential.

Now I need to pack for vacation. No computer, no internet for a week. Let's see if I can survive.

Family Tree Maker 2008

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