Friday, August 08, 2008

Family Tree Maker 2009 Free to Those Who Registered FTM 2008

If you have a copy of FTM 2008 and have not yet registered, now is the time to do so by going to Help>Register FTM inside the program. All those who registered their copy of FTM 2008 will receive FTM 2009 for free. Here are the new features of FTM 2009. Here is the notice I just received from the FTM team:

We’ll soon be releasing Family Tree Maker® 2009. When we do, we’ll send you an email that will tell you how to get this latest version for FREE.

We want you to have a wonderful experience with Family Tree Maker. Because you registered Family Tree Maker® 2008, we’re giving you this new version at no cost so you can enjoy all the latest additions and improvements...

Purchase Family Tree Maker 2009

For those who would like to purchase FTM 2009, it will be released on August 26, 2008 and is available for pre-order now:

and the Official Guide is also available for pre-order:
The Official Guide to Family Tree Maker 2009

Added 8/29/09: FTM 2009 is now available at the Ancestry store

If you have not been able to register FTM 2008, then phone at 1-800-ancestry for help. Help is also available at the FTM 2008 Knowledge Base. There are two articles on registration and solving registration problems on the FTM 2008 KB at
Type in "registration" in the Keyword search box or the numbers of the articles, 3072 and 3050. Note that the letter I received did not specify the registration date cutoff to receive the free copy of FTM 2009.

If you do not live in the USA, a similar message about a free copy will be sent out within the next two weeks or so.

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