Thursday, June 02, 2011

Google's +1 Button

Google's has just introduced the new "+1"  button which is similar to Facebook's "like".   You can click on +1 buttons across the web to recommend content, blog posts,  web pages, and news articles to others.  Google says the +1 will be an element in its search results.   Clicking on the +1 when you find good genealogy content in turn could make Google search results even more helpful for all.
It's an interesting concept which could make Google ancestor searching much more personalized and relevant.
Look for the +1 button on blog posts right underneath where it says ""Posted by".  You'll find the +1 button at the end of the line of other "share buttons".  Click on the +1 the way you would a Facebook "like" to let others know what blog posts and websites you think are useful or informative.
Not every website has a +1 button, but many blogs do.  And I have also seen the  +1 in the Google search results. 
Whether or not you are interested in clicking on +1 buttons, at least when you see one now, you will know what it is. 

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TCasteel said...

Interesting! I saw the button but didn't know what it meant. Thank you.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)