Saturday, March 17, 2007

Regal Blood Flows Through The Veins of Many Irishmen

If you are an O'Neill, O'Gallagher, O'Boyle, O'Doherty, O'Donnell, Connor, Cannon, Bradley, O'Reilly, Flynn, (Mc)Kee, Campbell, Devlin, Donnelly, Egan, Gormley, Hynes, McCaul, McGovern, McLoughlin, McManus, McMenamin, Molloy, O'Kane, O'Rourke or Quinn, you could be a descendant of the most powerful rulers of Ireland.

Trinity College's genetic lecturer Dr. Dan Bradley study found that three million men of Irish descent and one in fifty Americans can trace their ancestry to King Niall.

Regal Blood Flows Through The Veins of Many Irishmen

On St. Patrick's Day, everyone feels a little bit Irish. Officially, 34 million Americans can trace some of their ancestry to Ireland. But did you know how many can claim royal Irish blood? Well, using DNA tests, scientists at Trinity College in Dublin discovered some very regal results.

With its ancient castles and folklore, many in Ireland had long claimed royal descent. ... many traced their line back to a 5th-century Irish ruler named, dauntingly, Niall of the Nine Hostages. The common Irish surname 'O'Neil' means grandson of Niall, but some thought he was more legend than history. That is, until old King Niall met modern DNA testing.

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