Saturday, March 17, 2007

Google Quotes & Dashes

Many people know to use quotes to find an exact phrase in Google. But did you also know that you can get exact phrase results using dashes in between words?

If you type John Paul Jones into Google without quotes or without dashes, you may receive search results with John and Paul and Jones on the same page not necessarily John Paul Jones together.

So, when searching for a web page that contains an exact name, an exact phrase, or an exact book title, use quotes or dashes to get a web page that has those exact words.


"John Paul Jones"


"to be or not to be"

Book Title:

"Biographical Annals of Franklin County Pennsylvania"

Whether using dashes or quotes, these queries are identical to Google and will give you the same Google results.

I find the dash method easier to type because I don't have to use the shift key, but try both to see which you feel more comfortable using.

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