Saturday, May 12, 2007

Using the Google Toolbar to Search Genealogy Sites

If you have wanted to search a genealogy site that doesn't have its own search engine, it is possible to search that site using a site search on the Google Toolbar.

Actually, you can the Google Toolbar site search even if the site has it own search engine to make use of the google operators such as quotes, the + or the -, all of which may not available on a site search engine provided by the site.

Download the free Google Toolbar, you will notice the Google Search box that is always visible on the Toolbar. In order to use this search box to do site searches, go to the Toolbar Settings, then choose Toolbar Options,, then click on the Buttons tab. Make sure there is a check mark next to Search Site.

Now look for that same Search Site icon on your toolbar. To search a site, go to the site, enter a keyword into your Google toolbar and click on the Search Site icon on the toolbar.

It is not necessary, but you can use the Google operators for site searches:
  • Use a plus sign [ + ] before words that you want to appear in your search results exactly.
  • Use a minus sign [ - ] before words that you do NOT want to appear in your search results.
  • Put a name or location in quotes so that Google will search for that exact phrase.

The Google Toolbar site search is something I use everyday. For more about Google operators and how to use them, go to Google Genealogy Tips.

You can also use the Google Toolbar to search a page.

Note: The Google Site Search will work on sites that Google can spider or index. For database sites such as, you will have to use the database search engine.

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