Sunday, June 24, 2007

Google Translation Dictionary

I spend a lot of time searching the "foreign web" researching my genealogy. I've recently written about the new Google Search Translation where I can conduct, in English, full searches of content written in other languages and yet read my search results and the resulting web pages in English.

Google has continued to expand its Translation services by adding a Translation Dictionary to its Translation page. Now there are 3 tabs on the Google Translate page.

  • Text and Web - The original translate page where you can enter a word into the translate box or an URL for the whole web page translation.

  • Search Results - Translates Google search results and resulting web pages.

  • Dictionary - Translates a word or phrase and gives its multiple meanings with related phrases

There are two major differences that I see between the original Google Translate and the new Google Translate Dictionary.

  • If a word has multiple meanings, the dictionary will show the each of the word meanings whereas the original Google Translate will choose only one meaning. This leads to some of the weird and convoluted Google translations we have all seen.

  • The Google Dictionary will show related phrases to show how the word is used.
Here is Google Translate Dictionary for the word family where Google only shows one meaning:

Here is Google Translate Dictionary for the word relationships where Google finds two meanings:

The Google Translate Dictionary is still in Beta and I've gotten some unusual results from the dictionary. For example, when I looked for the English to French for the word genealogy , the Google Translate Dictionary said that no translation could be found.

Also, the Translate Dictionary does not use the Google spellchecker to remind you of spelling problems. I was surprised that Google Translate didn't find a translation for a word I entered, but closer scrutiny showed it was because I entered a typo and not that the dictionary was missing my word.

At this time translations are available between English and French, German, Italian, Korean and Spanish.

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