Sunday, July 08, 2007

Family Tree Maker 2008 Beta Available to the Public!

NOTE: Family Tree Maker 2008 is no longer in beta or available for download.

**The Genealogy software program Family Tree Maker 2008 is available at The Ancestry Store and is constantly being updated and improved. **

Family Tree Maker 2008 BETA is now available for download to the public. Everyone is welcome to download the beta program, give it a try, and send feedback. It is a huge download so you need the broadband to access it. I have DSL and it took 25 minutes to download and install.

WARNING: Do NOT open your present FTM data file in the beta program. Make a copy of your current data file, then rename the copy. Use that for your test drive of 2008. Or use a GEDCOM to import your data.

WARNING: Files created in this beta may not open in the release version of the product. Always keep a backup of your data in another genealogy program (such as Family Tree Maker 16).

Read the whole page at Family Tree Maker 2008 BETA before you decide to download as there are a number of warnings. The Beta is only available for Windows XP / Windows Vista and will stop functioning on August 24th.

OK, now that the warnings are out of the way, download the FTM beta and have fun. The program has a completely different look and feel. So far, I like what I see, but I only just downloaded it and haven't really tried a lot of the features.

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