Thursday, September 08, 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012 Now Available for Pre-Sale

Family Tree Maker 2012, which is now available for pre-sale, includes a most requested and anticipated FTM feature - an automatic synchronize between your Family Tree Maker database on your computer and your Ancestry Online Family Member Tree.

Once you link your desktop and online trees together, you can update either tree and then synchronize those changes into the other tree - manually or automatically -  using your internet connection. 

Syncing your Family Tree Maker tree and online Ancestry tree has many advantages:
  • You can access and update your tree anytime, anywhere. While on the Internet, you can continue your research wherever you are using your laptop, your iPhone, or iPad.
  • You can share your tree online. The family and friends that you invite to your tree can view and collaborate on the tree without any software or an Ancestry subscription.  If one of your relatives makes an addition to your tree, it will automatically update in your FTM 2012 tree.
  • If you already have a tree in FTM 2012 and a tree online at Ancestry, there is no longer a need to do double entries to keep both trees up to date. Now update one tree and automatically update the other with Tree Sync.

The Sync works automatically at the open or close of the program, or you can manually request a sync using the Sync Now button.

When you create your family tree at online at the ancestry site, you have 3 privacy options:
  • You can make your tree public
  • You can make your tree private yet still in the Ancestry search engine
  • You can make your tree completely private and not included in the Ancestry search engine.

I had a chance to review FTM 2012 during the Public Beta, and can say that the sync worked beautifully for me.  I uploaded my Family Tree Maker 2012 tree to a new Ancestry Member Tree.  My tree in FTM 2012 had media files -  census and other documents downloaded from Ancestry - attached to both persons and facts and they appeared in my new Ancestry Member Tree which was now linked  to my FTM 2012 tree.   I added people and attached documents to my online Ancestry Member Tree and it synced to my desktop tree in FTM 2012.  I added people to my desktop FTM 2012 and these additions synced to my online Ancestry Member Tree.   Basically, my tree was now residing in multiple locations, and I could update either location and keep the trees synced.

I'm really looking forward to receiving my copy FTM 2012.  I can see the advantages of having my tree online for family collaboration. is offering a  20% pre-sale discount of Family Tree Maker 2012 .

Enter the coupon code G5JXTRY at checkout in the box marked Redeem Coupons for double savings.

The release date is the last week of September 2012.

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Donna said...

Thank you! Got it for $25.59 plus $5.00 shipping!