Friday, October 20, 2006

Easy Google Genealogy Searcher

Can't remember all the Google tricks you've heard for genealogy searching? Want to learn some things you probably had no idea Google could do? The Easy Genealogy Google Genealogy Searcher puts advanced Google features on one page with suggested keywords and advice about how each feature is useful for genealogy searches. Learn the many possibilities Google offers for genealogy research and become a genealogy Google expert with the

Easy Google Genealogy Searcher.

For each specialized genealogy search, there are 'help' options, suggested keywords & tips to make the most of the search.

Have a common surname that is difficult to search for because the surname also has other meanings such as Brown, Church, or Powers? Or a surname that is also a first name such as Thomas or James? The Easy Google Genealogy Searcher offers several search options to make finding these surnames easier including searching in surname websites, searching the Google directory, and searching by family tree.

Use Google as a dictionary to look up meanings for:

  • Antiquated disease names, such as apoplexy, dropsy, phthisis, or quinsy.
  • Acronyms found on old documents or obituaries such as IOOF or AOH.
  • Names for old-fashioned occupations such as cordwainer or wheelwright.
  • Latin terms such as ab nepos.
  • Terms found in old documents such as perch or rod.

And when you find that a great-grandfather owned land, but the deed gives the land size in unfamiliar terms such as rods and perches, the search engine page includes a calculator that will convert into modern dimensions.

Another option of the Easy Google Genealogy Searcher is "Search by Location". Unlike most map programs, this engine will search by keyword & location, even if you don't have the proper name. For instance, a search for 'cemetery' & 'Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,' , the Easy Google Genealogy Searcher finds all the cemeteries in Philadelphia and surrounding area.

The Easy Google Genealogy Searcher offers options to search for surnames in specific countries & to search for sites in a specific language, and offers the option to translate. A word or series of words can be pasted into the translation box & Google will translate. Or, type in the address & Google will translate an entire web page.

After searching for text about your ancestor on the web, try searching for his photograph by using Google's image search.

Try searching for:

  • Photos of ancestors.
  • Photos of tombstones or churches.
  • Photographs of your ancestral hometown or its landmarks.
  • Images of original documents concerning your ancestor; i.e. wills, military papers.
  • Images of the type of ship on which your ancestor immigrated; i.e. brigantine or brig
  • Images of your ancestor's tools of trade, such as blacksmith tools.

Try the Easy Google Genealogy Searcher to help make your genealogy searching more effective. It's FREE.

Easy Google Genealogy Searcher.

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