Sunday, February 17, 2008

Using Google Picasa's Sort to Find Photos on your Computer

Picasa, Google's Free Photo Organizer, locates all the photos and images on your computer and organizes them for easy finding.

Use Picasa to keep your scanned photos organized for free.

The folders of photos in Picasa are organized by year created, but if you have a large number of photos on your computer, it can sometimes be helpful to change the sort to more easily find a photo. You can change the sort order of all of your folders in Picasa by clicking on View > Folder View > then select
  • Sort by Creation Date,
  • Sort by Recent Changes,
  • Sort by Size, or
  • Sort by Name.

If you don't know the year, selecting Sort by Name will arrange your files alphabetically and remove the year markers.

You can also sort your photos within an album or folder. Right click on a folder or choose Folder > Sort by. You can then sort your photos by
  • Name,
  • Date, or
  • Size.

Examining the photos by a different sort order not only helped me find the photos I was looking for , but also helped me discover duplicate photos I had taking up computer space I needed.

In addition to changing the sort order to find photos, you can search for photos by album, photo name, caption, keyword, or by color using the Picasa search box in the upper right corner.

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