Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google Toolbar Site Search

In addition to the Google Toolbar Word Find Highlighter to immediately pinpoint all occurrences of word or surname on long web pages, the Google Site Search is another great use for the Google Toolbar when genealogy searching. You can use it to:

  • Search a site that doesn't have its own search engine. You will find that many smaller genealogy sites, and surprisingly some larger sites, do not have a site search.

  • Search a site whose site's search doesn't work very well. One example of a site search that doesn't work very well is the free library. See Searching the Library Using the Google Toolbar.

Download the free Google Toolbar. When the Google Toolbar is installed on your computer, it automatically appears along with the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Once the Google Toolbar is installed on your computer, go to Settings, then Options on the Toolbar to choose the options you want displayed on your toolbar. I highly recommend "Search Site" under the "Options" tab and "Highlight" and "WordFind" under the Buttons tab.

I also like the Google Toolbar pop-up blocker. Can't imagine surfing the web without it.

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