Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Find Living People

Searching for living people may not seem to be genealogy related, but there are times when it can be part of a family history search.

Sometimes long-lost family members can help fill out branches on the family tree and shed light on ancestors. Sometimes finding an unknown biological parent can be the starting point for a genealogy search. Sometimes you just want to reconnect with family and friends with whom you have lost touch.

If you know the person's name, here are some places to do an online search for a living person.


Google has built-in U.S. phonebook. Just type phonebook: into the Google searchbox followed by name and state to get the Google whitepages. There is a space between phonebook: and the name.

phonebook: john doe ny

Use any combination of these terms for the Google phonebook:

  • First name (or first initial), last name, city (state is optional)
  • First name (or first initial), last name, state
  • First name (or first initial), last name, area code
  • First name (or first initial), last name, zip code
  • Phone number, including area code
  • Last name, city, state
  • Last name, zip code

White Pages

  • WhitePages.com or 411.com - U.S. and Canada white page database. If you can't find someone in the WhitePages, note the Find Neighbors tab - if you know where someone used to live, you can contact neighbors to see if they know a forwarding address.
  • Zaba Search - U. S. people search engine. Gives birth date, address, city, state & phone number.
  • ZoomInfo - Click on the People Search tab. Find people by their their job or employer.

Social Networks

  • Facebook - Search for people in this online directory that connects people through social networks. Contact person through the website.

  • MySpace - Search for people and contract through website.

  • LinkedIn - Search for people in this business-oriented social networking site. Contact through website.

Birthdate Finder

  • Birthday Finder If you know a person's name and birth date, you can use this database to look for town and state. Then use WhitePages.com to get detailed address and phone number.

Commercial People Finders
If you can't find people using the free databases, you may have more luck with the commercial databases.

  • US Search. - U.S. results include name, aliases, age, date of birth, address history, unlisted phone numbers, relatives, and more. This is not a basic white pages search - their database contains billions of public records online that go back over 20 years. The search is free.

Want more ideas to find a living person? To look for long-lost friends, mother, father, cousins or other family, try the free Person Finder, a step by step guide to finding people.

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