Friday, June 13, 2008

World Archives Project doesn't want the world's stories to disappear so they are creating the World Archives Project to help preserve these records. I signed up to help index at and I received this email this morning:

What’s the World Archives Project? The World Archives Project will allow people all over the world to collaborate to preserve the world’s historical records. It will give genealogists the opportunity to network and share resources, preserve records that might have otherwise been overlooked — and create free indexes for others pursuing family research.

When and how can you get involved?We began alpha testing the World Archives Project in May and we’ve planned beta testing for July. When beta testing begins, you’ll be one of the first people invited to try the new World Archives Project tool. Look out for an email from us in July.

Quite honestly, I was a little leary at first volunteering to give free help to a commercial corporation. Then I read that "That’s why we’re creating the World Archives Project, to let anyone help preserve the contents of these valuable documents in indexes that will remain FREE to the public." Indexes? We'll see how it all shakes out. I really want to help get a much genealogy info online as soon as possible.

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