Sunday, August 10, 2008

Genealogy at Facebook

Facebook? Facebook is for college kids, right? My friends had to nudge and nudge me to join since it has more than a few years since my college days.

But here are the facts: Facebook is growing 3% month with 100,000 new members every day. The fastest growing segment is OVER the age of 25.

And those interested in genealogy and family history are joining Facebook and making it a place to network, learn, and hopefully, find their ancestors.

What is available at Facebook? Besides a network of genealogy friends, here are some of the things I have joined - all free:


We're Related by Family Link and World Vital Records. With We're related you can find your relatives on Facebook, keep up with your family, build your family tree and share news and photos with your family.

My Heritage by MyHeritage. A just-for-fun utility that allows you to add the flags of your ancestry to your Facebook page. You can also add your family and have access to a family chat board.

FamilyTree by Family Builder. Finding your relatives, Building your family tree, Preserving your family history, Scrapbooking the lives of you and your family, Remembering loved ones, Staying in touch with your family.


Genea-Bloggers - For those who blog about genealogy or family history and those who are their devoted readers! Here is a place to find genealogy blogs that interest you.

Unclaimed Persons by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak. Join others to solve Unclaimed Person cases.

Rootsweb Genealogists - for those who love Rootsweb.

Let me nudge you to join. You can search for your friends and family. You can join the genealogy groups. You can join my blog network on Facebook See you there.

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