Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free FTM 2009 now available to FTM 2008 Users has sent the email so that Family Tree Maker 2008 users who registered a US or Canadian version of the software can get a free copy of FTM 2009. The email contains a unique link and coupon code to be used during checkout at the store to get the free Family Tree Maker 2009. The free Family Tree Maker 2009 CD will come to your mailbox - it is not a download.

If you registered a US or Canadian 2008 version of Family Tree Maker and didn’t receive the email, suggests that you let them know at the blog in a comment.

If you are in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and didn’t receive your email last week, please let them know.

The FTM 2008 users are the first to be able to order Family Tree Maker 2009 from They’ll receive for free the same product and package that they will sell in the online store for $39.95. In addition, they’ll receive the FTM 2009 new functionality is planning for a free update later .

I got the email and tried to sign up for my free copy, but apparently the Ancestry store servers are overwhelmed from the high demand. The Ancestry store kept timing out for me. I'll try again when things have had a chance to calm down.

Updated 9/10: Looks like I wasn't the only one having problems. Ancestry will be sending a new email with a new link and a new coupon code that will remedy the problem of everyone trying to order their free copy of FTM2009 at the same time. This email will be sent out in a tiered fashion to smaller groups, but all should receive the email in the next few days.

FTM 2009

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