Friday, September 11, 2009

Collaborate on Picasa Web Albums

Google has just introduced Collaborative Picasa Web Albums. Now, every album on Picasa Web Albums is potentially collaborative, meaning multiple people can add photos to the same album.

This is a great way for cousins, siblings and other family members to share ancestor and old family photos.

Plus, the more photos that are placed in one web album, the better job Picasa can do with its photo recognition. This can help families better identify people in those shoe boxes of old photos.

Picasa Web Album contributors' photos will be attributed to the contributor, and they can rotate, delete, and add captions to the pictures they've uploaded.

To make your own Picasa Web Album collaborative:
  • Click the "Share" button in Picasa Web Albums
  • Select the people you want to share with
  • Select the "Let people I share with contribute photos" check box.

Those whom you have invited to collaborate will receive an email with an invitation to contribute photos. When your family members visit your collaborative album, they just need to sign in and click the "Add Photos" button to start uploading their photos.

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