Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Database Links at Ancestry.com


I can never find these links on the Ancestry site when I am looking for them, so I'm posting them here for easy reference:

New and updated databases
A detailed List of all new and updated databases listed by date added.

New Featured Collections
What's New and Coming Soon Featured Collections of Large Databases.

Ancestry.com Searchable Card Catalog
Search the Card Catalog by database name, keyword, year range, or record type to find Ancestry.com databases.

Complete List of All Ancestry Databases
Complete alphabetical list of all Ancestry.com's 26,000 databases.

Free Ancestry Databases
List of Ancestry.com FREE databases.

I find it helpful to check the new databases frequently to make sure I don't miss anything that is relevant to my genealogy search. I recently found Ancestry.com had posted the indexed
1895 New Jersey census without any fanfare - something I had been waiting for anxiously.

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