Monday, January 21, 2008

Search the Books in your Home Library Using Google

With the My Library feature in the Google Book Search , you can create an online customized personal library of the genealogy books you own and then quickly search the pages of your home library collection using Google.

To set this up, use the Google Book Search to find the books you own, then click the Add to my library link. Or import your books by typing in a list of ISBN numbers to save them all at once.

Now you can easily search your own home library using Google and not miss any references in your books. This is so much easier and so much more thorough than taking every book you own off the shelf and checking the index (and hoping what you are looking for has been indexed).

You can organize your My Library collection by adding your own labels, ratings, and book reviews.

If you have a genealogy research buddy, you can easily share your library by passing along your My Library URL.

I started doing creating my own MyLibrary and found that some of my books have not yet been scanned by Google, so I cannot search all my books yet, but I was surprised at how many obscure books I was able to find in the Google book search.

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