Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Google Currency Conversion

In my genealogy research, I inevitably am writing to someone in Europe where the language, currency, and time zone are all different.

I can get help translating with the Google Translation Dictionary and Google Search Translation and get help with Google time zone conversions. Now, Google's searchbox can be used as a currency converter.

Google Currency Convertor

The format is:

pounds in dollars

where Google gives the following results:

1 British pound = 1.9486 U.S. dollars

So, if I am told a book I want to buy costs 50 euros, I can enter into the Google searchbox

50 euros in dollars

and Google answers

50 Euros = 72.49 U.S. dollars

Even if you don't know the name of the currency in a country, you can still use the Google Currency Convertor.

The format is:

currency of romania in usd


currency of romania in US dollars

The answer from Google

1 Romanian lei = 0.389681 U.S. dollars

Another way to ask the same thing:

romanian money in us money

For the Google currency calculator, the words money and currency are interchangeable.

Google helps make conversions a little simpler in my pursuit of family history. Other Google Conversion Helps :

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